To make access to the Linux kernel cpufreq subsystem easier for users and cpufreq userspace tools, a cpufrequtils package was created. It contains a library used by other programs (libcpufreq), command line tools to determine current CPUfreq settings and to modify them (cpufreq-info and cpufreq-set), and debug tools. It is licensed under the GPLv2.

Maintainer, Mailing List

The cpufrequtils package is maintained by Dominik Brodowski (e-mail). You can and should use the CPUfreq mailing list "cpufreq at vger dot kernel dot org" (obfuscated to avoid spam; for more information, subscription and (non-public) archives see this page) for discussion and patches.

Distribution packages

Note that you can find only the "base" cpufreq package here; the distribution of your choice is likely to re-package and/or compile it for you. Contact the distribution package maintainer and/or use the distribution-related feedback mechanism for problems regarding to these packages.


latest release: cpufrequtils-008 (tar.gz, tar.bz2)

git tree: summary | shortlog | log | tree | git


cpufrequtils-008 (tar.gz, tar.bz2)

cpufrequtils-007 (tar.gz, tar.bz2)

cpufrequtils-006 (tar.gz, tar.bz2)






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